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I am always looking out for new challenges in the world of Social Media for business.
I believe that the digital marketing world has now moved on and has the capability of delivering leads - yet not many have the skill to achieve this.

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More Projects

Salesforce Certification:

Just completed the first exam: Salesforce Administrator.
One down, several more to go!

Testing fitness:

From HIIT to Yoga - having lost the weight, testing the effect of slow training.

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I don’t know about you - but I like to get to know people for what their passions are, what their goals are and what they are genuinely interested in.  I believe that personal web sites are a great way to show these kind of details.

Here, you can find out more about me, what I like to do, paintings I have created for charity and a lot more - it’s not all about work!  If you would like to know about anything specific, get in touch!

I hope you enjoy the content!

I have always spent time learning about the latest tech, the details of how systems work and benefit users.
Currently, I am also working on providing applications that are designed to help telecoms engineers and integrate with Wireshark - saving hours when debugging VOIP issues.

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